Sky travels Its sensational and mind blowing

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Its not only humans and in the city-

Harpya project - it's core design

Include - equipment and goods.

Everything vertical & horizontal

autonomous. Somewhere to


Our vision - is your future

and soon our solutions will

change our linear world -


Matryoshka dolls - could be the absolute

simplest way to explain it. And even we can´t

see what's inside all of them, and what they can do.

Syocto - when details matters

Sometime invention haven´t found their true potential

Until somebody figure it out

The sweet spot in aviation - Syoctos VTOL

To get a baseline as in everything you try to measure - this video trying to explain

the need from one or maybe two sides of the "cube" this was held May 16-18, 2023,

in West Palm Beach.

Our solution isn't based on there requirements - our have more versatility and even

the air-force will be impressed of what we figure out.  When we reveal it.

New and old proven technology that's the way  to finding the true potential -

where we as humans take another step into - the next chapter.

Syocto is a multi divers company where aviation is one part.

Our products will affect humanity as a whole and with our global perspective

we will make a big impact in aviation.

Sustainable from all perspective
is important

From investors to broad market functions, agility and environment to TCO

and you - me - us and them - a complete solution for everyone.

Harpyja our current project

It's the collection name of our Airborne Products.

N2 is our name for a new type of aircraft. That can lift and land vertical but it can  also

lift and land as a conventional Airplane CTOL. N2 is built for helping society

in good or bad times, with cargo - equipment - people - tools - the army Swiss knife of tomorrow

From every possible event. Normal B2B to disaster or vacation.

Its time to plan for the future!

We will take  us into our real world and start to have real fun. 

It's our analog - living - who matters in the end