Harpya the future of aviation starts here

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Airborne Harpya Project

Most of this project is classified at this moment, due to many factors - we will soon move this area into a product page.
Sometime invention need to be a secret.

Until its time to reveal the whole picture.


A unique VTOL aircraft

- it can lift and land as a drone or Airplane, it have good range and lift capacity. N2 can fly people – supplies – cargo. It also could be equip with weapon system, rescue tools or anything that fit our unique AAS - Analog Application Space

"Perspective and perception

denial or acceptance

There is only one universal truth"

Harpya Project on ground

There is no animal on earth that don't have a habitat or home, even if they travel around they always return home.
N2 isn't different, its a little bit more high tech.

All products around this project is equal important.


This is just a few of some uniqe products, connected to this project. There is several solution that fits em all, but

One little heads up - the world is big and every squarer meter is different - and we have the complete solutions.

This is an Area that is equal advanced as N2.

You are the centre of universe - Together we take one step closer where everything get connected, analog, digital, biology, mechanical

Why have Syocto, named the project after a bird, that in some folklore have a bad reputation.

This project is all about help humanity with one of the future greatest tools, and this bird is one of the most impressive birds on the planet, its rare but its in the top of the food chain, and the females can carry up to 100% of there own weight ~ 9Kg - We hope to change its reputation that is equal to our name in the future - and also change the behaviour of humans shooting them for sports - The Harpy eagle falls under the “near threatened”.

Harpia Harpya habitat is Latin America - our Founder have a deep relationship with brazil since his early days.

You can read why this project maybe started 13 years ago, even if the founder didn't know it at that time.