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Latency is the most important thing both in the digital and analog world.


There haven't been any good solution to really change aviation - Airplane is good with bandwidth but terrible latency, helicopters have there big downsides, its loud, expensive, single point of failure and pretty bad design for cargo, if you do not include Heavy lift helicopters that have another purpose and price tag - also a manned crew will slow down helicopters latency or respond time.

Syocto will not replace the airplanes or helicopters, they have there place in aviation - what we will change is to fill the vacuum in aviation, where latency matters and a multifunctional solution from ground to air, in all situations. From flying people to vacation to cargo and first responder tools and assistance in the most efficient way. And with coordinated logistic there will be 100% use for the multifunctional AAS - This is the only product that is develop for that task.

Even with low tech equipment you can reach your goal.

This is an achievement Charles Lindbergh

Shouldn't we be more progressive - 100 years later - We have the solution.