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05 May 2023

The essence of this story is a solution can be 10 000 years old invention as a canoe to solve a problem or the tomorrow tech, it doesn't matter only that it solve the problem, that's the key to new inventions, and no probably N2 will never be the right tool over that sandbank. It will be to expensive vs the demand.

Low tech solutions can be more powerful than high tech but everything have a place - even you or me. Well here we go about what happened.

It all started in Brazil/Bahia 13 years ago close to the Amazonas, on a beach after riding dirt bikes a long time in no man land. On the map it said that the village was only 2 km away (Yes it was a map - total off grid), when a big river from the Amazonas was crossing our path - to “freedom” beers, food water and a much needed shower. Me and my friend just look at each other and it was one of those "wtf" moment.

All energy just went away. What can we do go back or what. Minutes ticking, don’t ask me how long, felt like an eternity and suddenly around the corner we see two canoe, four guys paddling, coming slowly to our position and I thought - Yee right that will not work even with one bike.

As I have tried to explain in all my text is that the world is big, and those guys – this was not there first rodeo. Two bikes in the same canoe and me and my friend safely arrived on the other side of the sand bank. 30 min later I was drinking my Brazilian beer - SKOL. (It’s almost like in Swedish skål, and that means cheers)

Low tech, high tech or whatever tool there is that can solve a problem, give it to me. I Invented N2 for those who need it most, whatever position they have in life, where we can make a difference both on save time and probably life. And of course we need to have fun with N2 in the end.

This was the moment after working with computers for a long time, that we live in an Analog world. And probably this was the embryo when I invented N2 and building bridges - but I didn’t know it until many years later.